Holiday Wish List, Just for Teachers! (And a Giveaway!)

Hi, remember me? Whoever said teachers have it easy doesn’t have a clue! Yes, my day ends at 4pm (supposedly…though I usually leave closer to 5pm, sometimes later), but by the time I get home I’m exhausted from talking to, teaching and wrangling five and six-year-olds all day. Then there’s laundry, dinner, cleaning, spending a bit of time with my own kids…well, you get it. Thankfully, winter break has arrived!

As a teacher, I know I’m going to get showered with little gifts from my students for the holidays. After all, on a regular old Wednesday I got a gift bag with a piece of artwork inside that had pieces of ribbon and a couple of stickers stuck to it, several drawings from other students, a little stuffed toy of a pink monster-looking thing, and a pen with a “diamond” on top. And I do love these gifts because it means they are thinking of me when I am not with them. But it’s inevitable that some of the holiday gifts they’ll want to shower me with will be impractical. So I’m writing this post so that you, mom and dad, have an idea of what a teacher really wants for Christmas. Because most of us already have at least five “World’s Best Teacher” coffee mugs in our kitchens.

So here is my list of Teacher gift ideas that will really make me them smile, based on some intense research. (i.e. I asked my coworkers what their preferred gifts would be):

Gift Cards – you can’t go wrong with gift cards. You can get them for a myriad of places: Starbucks, Target, movie theaters, different restaurants……the options are endless. And you can get them for any amount. It’s a win-win all around! Trust me, you won’t believe how far a teacher stretch a $10 gift card to the Dollar Tree! And she’ll love that Starbucks card so she can splurge on coffee in the middle of the week on the day she knows the kids have a computerized test and the internet has been spotty for the last couple of days, Oh, and it’s the end of the month and the monthly fire drill hasn’t happened yet…

Blank Note Cards – I didn’t realize how handy these are before I became a teacher! From writing a Thank You card to a volunteer for their help during a field trip, to wishing a coworker a happy birthday, having a package (or three) of blank note cards on-hand is a must! Places like Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx have tons of inexpensive packages with cute designs.

Lotions, Creams and Candles – This one is a bit tricky…we all know there are some candles that just don’t smell that great. Not to mention those discount lotion and bath sets sold during the holidays. I recommend Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret because they have an excellent exchange policy, and great sales during the holidays! The little travel size body sprays, lotions and hand sanitizers are perfect for teacher’s desks or to throw in their purses.

Baked Goods – All teachers love yummy things to eat, period. Whether you bake them or buy them, they will be devoured. Just be sure to find out if your favorite teacher has any food sensitivities first.

Markers and Sharpies – I promise these will be put to good use! Between grading, labeling and making anchor charts, markers and Sharpies are used constantly. Buy a pack of multi-colored Sharpies and a pack of felt-tip markers, tie them together with a festive ribbon and a cute card with a silly pun like “Thank you for making your Mark”, and you’re done!

Fun experiences¬†– With a little investigating, you can find out what your child’s teacher likes to do in their spare time. Do they like reading? A Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card is perfect! Are they crafty? A gift certificate to Michael’s or Joann’s Fabric for a special class will make them smile. Here in Miami, Nailed It DIY, a fun craft studio, recently opened.

At Nailed It, you can make your own projects, and can customized them by choosing your own designs, colors and sizes. Nailed It Miami has graciously allowed us to host a giveaway for a $25 gift card that can be used for any project! Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter, winner will be announced on Monday, December 30th.

There you have it, my version of the top six gifts for teachers. Did you notice the pattern? These are all practical. Or consumable. Or both. That’s the key to it all. You’re welcome!

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