Lucky Kitty

For about a week, we were the owners of a sweet kitty named Lucky. We found her one Saturday in May, hiding inside my car’s engine from a typical South Florida summer thunderstorm. How did we know she was there, you ask? We were headed out to run errands and I had to put water in my car’s reservoir because it had a small leak. Had we not needed to open the hood and put the water we wouldn’t have heard her and well…that would not have been a pleasant experience.

She was so little, and so scared. We tried coaxing her out with a can of tuna, all we had in the house that might be suitable for her. We kept running outside and listening by the car, and she knew we were checking on her because whenever we were close her meows became louder.  It took about an hour for her to found her way out of the car and under the bushes along my driveway. It was still raining, though significantly less. We went outside with umbrellas and got her to eat some of the tuna. Matty got close enough that he pet her and we decided to bring her inside as the forecast called for nasty weather throughout the weekend. We we decided that we couldn’t leave her out there, so tiny and new, and that we would provide her with shelter and protection from not only the weather but bigger animals.

 When Eric got home from work, we gave her a bath with some dish soap, dried her very well, and made her comfortable in a big box with a couple of towels and a bowl of water. I ran out and got her some wet kitten food as well as a little bowl set and a small pet carrier in case we had to take her to the vet. Over the next few days, she made herself at home, exploring the house and even befriending Sandy. But on Friday, June 1st, shortly after Eric got home and got out of the shower, she rapidly deteriorated. Within 20 minutes she went from active and happy to immobile and in some kind of distress. It happened so quickly that we rushed her to the animal clinic. During the 15-minute car ride her breathing became labored and she was meowing in pain. As soon as we arrived, they took her right in, but she did not look well at all. She was not very responsive and seemed to be unconscious. A few minutes later they ave us the sad news that she had panleukopenia and that there was nothing they could do. Panleukopenia is common in stray kittens, and they suspected that she was born with it, and perhaps she was alone by our house because her mother abandoned her. We were all heartbroken, especially the boys.

Even though she lived a very short life, and spent just a week with us, she was definitely lucky because we found her and were able to give her so much love in the few days she had left. We completely fell in love with her, and we will never forget her.

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