Our financial goals for 2018

2017 was a big year for us. Not only did I finish my teaching certification, and Brandon finished middle school, but we closed on our house in August. Two out of the three made a significant impact on our finances, and the third will in the near future. After all, four years go by in a flash, and before we know it Brandon will be off to college.

This year, I’ve made some ambitious goals for us to stay on track. Goal number one is to pay off our debt. The money we send to our credit cards takes a significant chunk of what’s left from our paychecks after our mortgage and utilities are paid. That money could be well spent in other ways, which leads me to goal number two. I’d like to have a new, or new to us, car by summer. While both of our current vehicles get us from point A to point B, both are over 10 years old, with repairs looming that cost more than the cars are worth.  We hope that by summer we’ll have paid off enough debt that our credit score will increase and we’ll be able to get an excellent interest rate, and subsequently a comfortable monthly payment, on a new car. Goal number three is more long-term, but probably the most important: manage our money in such a way that we save for things like college for the boys and potential repairs to our house, but also have enough that we can take at least one great family vacation a year. Time is fleeting, there are just a handful of years left before both boys are adults, building their own lives, and I want to spent as much quality time with them as I can.

I’d like to think that I’m well on my way to achieving Goal number one.  During my two most recent trips to Target, I’ve spent less than $30…if that’s not progress, I don’t know what is!

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