I Had Good Intentions

I had really good intentions to blog more frequently. In fact I started writing this blog post about three weeks ago. Then Hurricane Irma happened. And my second to last class happened. Then my last class happened. And now I’m wrapping up assignments, completing my clinical service hours and getting observed, and updating my portfolio in preparation for my completion ceremony next month. And it’s not for lack of motivation: I wanted to write. But then I felt guilty if I didn’t spend my “extra” time working on assignments. And it really wasn’t extra time, there were just days were I was so burnt out I ditched the school work and just watched TV with the boys or hubby.  Oh, and there was one day me entró la locura and I finished unpacking and organizing the den.

Anyway, all this to apologize for being off the grid for longer than intended. I aspire to be more consistent once school is over. And I’m looking forward to that huge sense of accomplishment when I get my degree in a few weeks and make this lifelong aspiration come true.

In the meantime, let’s catch up:

My mango tree, which was knocked down by Hurricane Irma, is thriving!! We were able to put her upright about a week after the storm hit, and with lots of fresh dirt, some fertilizer, lots of rain and equal amounts of love, she’s recovering nicely! The fence is a whole other story….

When we bought our house, three windows needed replacing, and those were put in today. I’m so excited that this has been taken care of. I can finish decorating the boys’ rooms as well as the den (the locations of the three windows). Once that’s done, we’ll focus on getting funds together for the fence, and my little house will be perfect. Well, it’s already perfect for us, but it will be aesthetically perfect as well!

We are going on vacation for my birthday to North Georgia, and I’m counting the days! I honestly need the break and can’t wait to decompress, surrounded by nature and my little family. Speaking of little, and family, my nephew will be seven months old next week! Not sure how this is possible as he was just born. He’s a smiley, happy baby, and he’s just learning to crawl…watch out word, Mr. Squishy is mobile!

So tell me, what have you been up to?

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  1. Oh how I feel you! I’ve been neglecting my blog too. With the teen and I exploring colleges, the oldest moving to Cali and traveling back/forth for work, and the Hurricaine in Puerto Rico hitting my family so hard, my home is so chaotic its hard to get in the right frame of mind to write! We’ll get there eventually (I hope!). Till then know I’m following your posts! Abrazos Amiga xo

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