Blogging will commence in 4, 3, 2….

I haven’t been blogging during the past two months, and there are some really, really good reasons. One of which is the Top Secret news I alluded to on June 4th: we are new homeowners!! The process was arduous, and frustrating, but the end result is amazing! We’ve been in our new home for a month, and things are slowly but surely moving along. All rooms are functional, some more than others. There is still lots to do, including some minor renovations, but I’m in love with our new home more and more everyday!

new home/>

I taught throughout the entire summer, and completed three classes towards my teaching degree. Fueled by lots and lots of cafecito. I got A’s in all three classes, making some of my sleepless nights well worth it.

Hubby and I both went out of town for work, he the week before our closing, and me the week after. Then we traveled together to Houston for a long weekend to see Queen + Adam Lambert in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary. Because when you’re in the middle of the move, you need to have three back to back trips, just to make it more interesting. In spite of it being in the middle of moving chaos, four days away were a much needed break. We spent some time with friends in Houston, visited the Houston Museum of Natural ScienceHermann Park (which is lovely!!), and  the NASA Johnson Space Center, enjoyed the concert tremendously, and were happy to spend some quality time together.

Queen Adam Lambert HoustonHouston Museum of Natural Science

The boys started school this past Monday: B is now in high school (Yeah, I know…) and Matty is in his last year of elementary school. (Yeah, this one too…how did we get here so fast?!). It’s only been five days, but so far both boys are doing well. Matty’s teachers are the same ones Brandon had in 5th grade, which is awesome because they are great, and we are familiar with each other, which makes life so much easier. I’m looking forward to a busy but successful school year for both of them.

So besides teaching during the summer, and attending school to finish my teaching degree, and traveling, and moving into and out of homes, and the usual chaos life in general brings, blogging was put on hold.  I just started my second to last class on Friday. It will be a difficult one, but I will make it a point to blog more often, if for no other reason than to vent about school work…though I’ll do my best to make it more entertaining than that!

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