I survived my first class!

It is no coincidence that I have not blogged in a month. My first day of class was one month ago, and it’s been a jam-packed five weeks with deadlines at work, research and assignments to do, and pre-service teacher clinical observation hours to be completed (and of course, parental and household duties!). But I did it. As of right now, I’ve earned A’s in four out of the five assignments I submitted. The fifth is still pending a grade. Final grades for the course will be published on Tuesday. I’m about 99% sure I got an A, which means all those late nights were worth it!

The next class starts next week, with class every Friday evening and all day Saturday over the next four weeks. That means I have five days to get this house in shape so that we all survive the next month. I tried my hardest to delegate household duties to the hubby and kids. The boys were on their own for homework, Matty even completed an awesome book report on Walt Disney that I’m super proud of, all by himself!. We¬†were mostly on autopilot, with just the essentials like laundry, dirty dishes, and checking the mail for any pending bills getting our full attention.

I’m going to try a little harder this time around to make bigger meals so that we have more leftovers for those crazy nights when I’m working on assignments. We definitely resorted to ordering take-out for dinner due to my homework commitments more often than we planned to.

I’ve got eight classes left to finish the program, but if they go as fast as the first one, I’ll have my certification in the blink of an eye!

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