The Force Was With Us!

I am so excited to say that I successfully completed the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon, and am halfway to my goal of earning my Coast to Coast medal while I’m 40! And I didn’t do it alone: my friends C and K joined me for a girls’ weekend. We spent an amazing three days in California. Besides the race, we took a bus tour in L.A., drove to┬áSanta Monica to visit Cookie Good for specialty cookies, had dinner with a few Darbys, and went to Disneyland for the first time.

My official chip time was 3:09:46. I am pleased with that time, I don’t expect to PR at a Disney race. There are just too many people and I know my time gets affected by photo opps and possible potty breaks. This is one of my better results, and I’m very proud of that.

Before our race day, though, we were tourists, taking a bus tour through the Hollywood Hills, and seeing a bunch of celebrity homes and landmarks in and around the area. Then I braved the 405 and we headed to Santa Monica to try Cheeto Cookies at Cookie Good. Yes, you read right: Cheeto flavored cookies.

C heard about them and we added it to our itinerary. We then dashed back to Anaheim, went to the race expo, and then off to dinner with Marta, Jonathan, Amy and baby Bash, who is absolutely scrumptious!

The next day was entirely dedicated to Disneyland, and I fell in love! It is the same as Magic Kingdom, but not. C said it best: it’s like giving Magic Kingdom a big bear hug and squeezing everything together. It felt surreal walking around, I knew where things were, or where they were supposed to be, but was pleasantly suprised by things that were new to me.

Thanks to the rides being so close to each other, and paper fast passes, we were able to ride 90% of the attractions in just 8 hours at the park (practically impossible to do at Magic Kingdom). Our last ride was Hyperspace Mountain, which was reimagined with a Star Wars theme a little over a year ago, and was the perfect segue for our Star Wars themed race the next day.

I’m so happy to check off not only visiting Disneyland, but also earning my Coast to Coast medal from my bucket list. And I’m even happier to share this journey with two dear friends. Can’t wait until April when we join the Dark Side and complete our challenge!

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