A funny thing happened when I was browsing Facebook today

As I usually do, I was browsing my Facebook timeline during my lunch break. My friend Carol from Girl Gone Travel is visiting Disneyland on behalf of Expedia ViewFinder. (She’s a travel blogger and this is actually her job! I know…so lucky!) She posted a Facebook Live video straight from Main Street and the cast member she was with had a great Disney trivia question: name ten animated feature films that have one-word titles that were all hand-drawn. That’s right, no computer animation used. Can you guess who knew them all? Yup, this girl! I knew nine of them right away, and had to think about the tenth, but I still got them all. I guess you can say I’ve earned my ears!

mickeyearsRachel and I with our long-coveted Mickey Ears!

Goes to show that my love for Disney can come in handy at any time, even when I’m on my lunch break!

I could tell you what they are, but that would be no fun. So I’m wondering, can you name the ten Disney animated feature films with one-word titles that used no computer animation? Leave your answers in the comments, and I’ll let you know if you’re right!

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