We survived the first two weeks of school!

We have now entered the last year of middle school for Brandon, and the second to last year of elementary school for Matty. While there were a few bumps in the road transportation-wise for Brandon, I’m happy to report that all is well in Back to School land at our house. I’m happy that Brandon has some of the same teachers, so he knows what to expect and what they expect from him. I’m also thankful that Matty’s teachers emailed me the supply list during the summer, so I didn’t have to face the retail madness last week.  I am, however, in denial that in just a few short months I’ll have a high schooler…how is that even possible? Just the other day, I wrote this post, and now they look like this:

First Day of School 2016

In a couple of months, we have to choose a high school for Brandon. Long gone are the days of attending the school within your neighborhood boundaries. Now it’s like picking a university! We got a few weeks to really figure out what path he’ll take, something that in my day (here I am, sounding old!) wasn’t really decided until the last year of high school, as one prepared to enter college. I just hope I steer him in the right direction, and that he thinks about long term career goals versus his interests now. And then we have to do it all over again with Matty next year, when we decided on a middle school for him!

But for now, we’ll focus on making sure they complete assignments on time, comprehend what they are learning in school, and that we make time for fun stuff too.

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