A year.

On June 22nd 2015 at 4:30pm, heaven gained an angel. My grandmother, Silvia Aurora Prieto, who was lovingly called Tete by family and friends, was rejoined with my grandfather for eternity.

The last year and a half of her life, since my grandfather’s passing in January of 2014, was not easy. My grandmother’s dementia rapidly progressed, and for the last nine weeks she suffered a miriad of other health problems. She spent the last two weeks of her life at West Kendall Baptist Hospital, where I think she received the best care in her life. Sadly, she never saw the home she loved again.


I am thankful not only for the years and memories that grace our past, but for the strength to be completely honest with both my boys about their passing. I make no apologies for telling them about hospital stays, their declining health, and ultimately their passings. Life is filled with ups and downs, and sharing the good and the bad is fundamental to our bond as a family. I am beyond grateful that both my children got to know and love their Abuelita as I did. Years from now they’ll look back and remember both her and my grandfather, not just because of the stories we’ll tell and the pictures we’ll show them, but because they were old enough to create their own memories.

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2 Responses to A year.

  1. Lillianna says:

    This post almost made me cry because I can totally relate to everything you mention about keeping her memory alive with stories and photos.

  2. Ziva says:

    My girls were 12 and 15 when my Mother left us in 1990. I’m so touched when one of them mentions a memory of something special they shared with her. I’m in tears reading this. Ah life, Amanda.

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