You never know when and how the Universe will give you something you need.

My friend Wendy and I were off to Target last night to find her son cleats for baseball. While we’re wandering through the sporting goods aisle at Target, she casually mentions that she needs one golf ball for a school project. We joke, “One golf ball. You know, like that elusive item on the school supply that’s only available at that one store in the middle of Hialeah”. We laughed and continued talking about other things. We exit the store, get in the car, and venture to Walmart, about a mile away to continue looking for the cleats. As we’re approaching the entrance to the shopping center, we see some debris on the road. We notice that there are small round things scattered throughout the road, and say, “are those golf balls?!” We pull into the parking lot of the shopping center, head over to the sidewalk adjacent to the road, and walk to the curb. Sure enough, there they were: about a dozen golf balls scattered across the lanes of the street.

From time to time you just need to ask the Universe for what you need. It will give it to you, sometimes in the most unexpected way.


She’s still looking for the cleats though.

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