Disney Side@Home Party: Food, Fun, and Family & Friends!

(This is the second part of my Disney Side@Home Party recap. You can find Part One here.)

Now that you’ve seen how fantastic my house looked during our Disney Side@Home Party, it’s time to share with you what the rest of our multi-generational party was like.

Food: I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the Disney/Mickey theme. I served Mickey-shaped chicken nuggets, Mickey-shaped ham and cheese mini sandwiches (brought to you by last year’s cookie cutter!), Cars & Crowns pretzels, and a vegetable tray that I very fittingly labeled “From the Land” as a nod to one of mine and my husband’s favorite parks, Epcot.

DisneySidefoodGo ahead, tell me my drawing of Epcot is awesome.

As for sweet treats, I purchased three dozen chocolate chip cookies from the Publix bakery, and Misha’s Cupcakes very graciously donated 25 mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with Classic Mickey sprinkles on top. As you can see, they outdid themselves, and the cupcakes matched our party decor perfectly. And because Matty’s birthday was just two days prior, we took advantage that our friends and family came over and sang him “Happy Birthday”. He proclaimed these particular Misha’s Cupcakes the “Best Birthday Cupcakes Ever!”


Fun: Our guests had a blast participating in various games during our party. Pin the Smile on Mickey was the first one we played, and it was definitely a favorite. We blindfolded all the kids, spun them a couple of times, and had them tape smiles onto Mickey’s head with the game kit provided in our party pack. As the participants finished, we had them line up for our photo booth and lots of silliness ensued with those big paper Mickey smiles. We followed Pin the Smile on Mickey with Disney Quote Trivia and the Character Crossword Puzzle, both provided in our party kit. I did purchase a few small party favors for the winners, card games and puzzles from the Dollar Spot at Target, Disney themed, of course!


Family and Friends:  I was thrilled that our nearest and dearest were able to come to our party and share their Disney Side with us. We truly defined the term “multi-generational”: our youngest guest, little Ollie, was just 20 months at the time. Our oldest guest, my grandmother, celebrated her 88th birthday last October.


Having been chosen to host a Disney Side@Home this year meant a great deal to me: this was the last time my grandmother visited our home prior to being hospitalized. She passed away a month ago, and I’m so glad we were able to share this wonderful time with her, just being silly and enjoying each other. Thank you, Disney Parks, Mom Select and the amazing sponsors, for giving us these beautiful, magic-filled memories.


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