Thor: The Dark World in theaters today!!

Disclosure: my family and I were invited to attend a pre-screening of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World by Disney Pictures. All opinions are my own.

MARVEL STUDIOS’ Thor: The Dark World hits theaters today, November 8th!

The adventures of the Marvel superheroes continues with the release of the latest movie in the franchise, Thor: The Dark World. In the aftermath of Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers, Thor attempts to restore peace to all nine realms while Loki is imprisoned due to his actions in the prior two films. The evil Malekith plans to use the mysterious dark force the Aether to turn the universe into darkness. By sheer happenstance, Jane Foster is exposed to the Aether and becomes its vessel, making her Malekith’s target. Thor, who reluctantly seeks Loki’s help, has to protect her, his home planet Asgard, Earth, as well as the rest of the nine realms before Malekith gets his way.

We are huge fans of The Avengers in our house, and the boys were thrilled to be able to see the film before their friends! The movie was action-packed, and filled with humor too: Brandon can’t decided who’s funnier, Loki or Iron Man!

The film is rated PG-13, but was appropriate for my almost-11 and almost-7 year olds. Because it is a Marvel film, we knew there would be bonus scenes during the credits, and we were right: there were two!!

Check out this featurette showing how with the right locations and sets they made the film worthy of gods.

Go catch this latest installment from the Marvel universe, it won’t disappoint!


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