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Please forgive my silence over the last week. I’ve gotten sucked into the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve read all three books, twice, over the last two weeks. It is clearly not Pulitzer Prize winning writing, but you definitely get pulled into the story. This blog is rated PG though, so that’s all I have to say about that here. But, I certainly don’t mind discussing it on my Facebook page or Twitter pages….

The boys have been in summer camp for about three weeks now, and they are loving it! They are, however, counting the days till mid-August. No, they aren’t eager to go back to school….we are going (back) to Puerto Rico! We planned a summer trip with the boys for the week after mine and Eric’s 10 year anniversary. Matty still has a poor sense of time, so he asks us every few days if we leave for Puerto Rico “tomorrow”. Fortunately, the weeks are passing quickly and we’ll be boarding our flight before we know it. I am so excited about this trip. I know the boys are going to love all the Firsts they are going to experience: riding in a plane, visiting authentic forts, and hiking through a real rainforest.

They asked me the other day we we hadn’t gone to Disney in a while, and we explained that in order to do other fun trips and explore new places, we had to give Disney a break. At first they were sad about it, but I reminded them how much fun we had last Fall on our cruise, and last Spring when we drove to Georgia, and I think they got it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going through Disney withdrawals, but I do want to broaden our horizons a bit and explore new destinations.

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