Our Earth Day adventures with the 2012 Chevy Traverse LTZ

The great folks at GM in the Southeast loaned me a 2012 Chevy Traverse over Earth Day weekend as part of the Cars to People program. I drove the car for just under four days, and fell in love with it. The Chevy Traverse is a crossover SUV with excellent mileage for this type of vehicle.

The Traverse LTZ seats seven, with two captain’s chairs in the second row, and foldable bench seating in the third row. The boys loved the built-in DVD player, which included two pairs of headphones. They used it every time we rode in the car, even if the car ride only lasted a few minutes.

The car was equipped with Sirius XM radio, and also featured a GPS system which included not just audio directions, but also traffic warnings in real time. I loved this feature, it actually helped me avoid a traffic jam on the way to work on the last morning I had the car. I also loved that it included bluetooth technology, I could control not just the radio but my phone using the steering wheel. Additional safety features include On-Star services, airbags everywhere (really, they are everywhere), rear child safety locks, and my absolute favorite, the rear assist camera.

There are tons of other great features, some I didn’t even get a chance to play with. Because of the typical Miami spring weather, we were rained in for most of the weekend. It cleared up enough on Sunday that we were able to go to Party for the Earth at Zoo Miami. We had tons of fun at the event, watching the animals get special treats made out of recycled materials. I’ve added some pictures of our day below the fold.

Our time with the Chevy Traverse came to a close all too soon. It was really hard to part with the car and all its awesome gadgetry. What a great experience, and what an impressive car! Hubby and I have added the Chevy Traverse to our wish list for our next car.

Here’s a video GM in the Southeast made, featuring us and the other two families that were part of this program over Earth Day weekend. Enjoy!

Brandon and I riding a camel

A chimpanzee enjoying his Earth Day treat

My sweet boy.

Disclosure: We test drove the 2012 Chevy Traverse LTZ for four days, thanks to Chevy and GM in the Southeast. All opinions that this car is awesome are our own.

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