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With our trip just two days away, and the weather going up and down in Tennessee like a yo-yo, I’m packing, then unpacking, then re-packing. I’ve been working almost 12 hour days this week as my coworker is on vacation, and then there’s the Christmas prep too. I’m so glad it’s a long road trip, I’m going to sleep for most of it!

There will be more blogging very soon, I just need to get through the next two days.

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DIY Christmas Ornament

Last year I participated in an ornament exchange in one of the blogger networks I belong to. I decided that instead of purchasing an ornament, cialis I was going to make one. I knew that my exchangee liked cooking, so I purchased some cute baking items at the craft store to glue onto a small grapevine wreath. I had found a spool of the cute ribbon in the dollar section at Target early on in the season, and was so glad to have a reason to use it. I pulled out my handy dandy glue gun, decided on a design for the wreath and went to work.


This was my first time doing anything crafty, besides scrapbooks and school projects, so I was a bit nervous, but I think it turned out alright. What do you think?


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We’re headed to the Smokies!!

We’ve looked forward to this for about a year, and it’s so hard to believe that in just four weeks we’ll be headed on an epic road trip: we’re off to the Great Smoky Mountains! The four of us, along with nine friends (and four more who will meet us there) will be spending a week in Sevierville, Tennessee!

We are so excited, not only because this will be the first trip we go on with all our dear friends, a trip years and years in the making, but we’ll get to possibly play in the snow! (The boys are counting on it. Mother Nature, please don’t disappoint them!). On our agenda so far is snowtubing at Ober Gatlingburg, visiting different nearby trails and a couple of waterfalls within Great Smokey Mountains National Park, and some  ziplining. The rest is up in the air, we’ll play it by ear.

I’ve been stressing over making sure we are prepared for the weather, these South Florida folks don’t own very many winter clothes. Fortunately, when we were last in Orlando we hit some great sales at the GAP outlet and stocked up on quite a few things for all of us. We scored some great winter boots online yesterday (thank you, Black Friday sales!). I’ve got a list of all the things we need to take to make us comfortable in our cozy cabin. We’ve prepared a very rough budget to reflect gas, tolls, meals and other spending. Do you have any other tips for us?

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Prepare for the Holidays with BJ’s and Kimberly-Clark products #HolidaysconFamilia

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and as excited as I am about being thankful, the twinkling lights, the presents under the tree, the cheer and merriment, I’m also sad because this is the first year that neither my grandfather or grandmother won’t be with us. As the years pass and our elders leave us, one really appreciates how important loved ones are, and how wonderful it is to spend time with them while they are alive. That goes for family as well as friends. That’s why I love filling my home with people, there’s nothing like spending the holidays with those you love.

While our family dinners for Thanksgiving and Noche Buena are hosted by my Tio on my mom’s side, and my Tia on my dad’s side, respectively, I am the hostess for Friendsgiving, as well as the Christmas exchange among our friends. I love having family and friends over, and being a good hostess is important to me. There’s always plenty of food and drinks, and of course plenty of amenities for my guests. Asi me enseño mi abuela. 

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Finding Dory will be swimming into theaters on June 17th, 2016!!


Has it really been almost three years since Disney*Pixar announced that Finding Nemo would have a sequel featuring everyone’s favorite forgetful fish? I’m excited to share with you that Finding Dory is almost here: it arrives in theaters on June 17th, 2016!

Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks return as the voices of Dory and Marlin, and Ed O’Neill, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell and Eugene Levy round out the cast of this much-anticipated follow up 2003’s Academy award-winning Finding Nemo.

Check out the teaser video below! And while we wait for it to arrive in theaters there’s not much else to do but Just Keep Swimming!

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Cocoa Beach Half Marathon: Done!

Yesterday, Rachel and I, along with two of her running friends, participated in the inaugural Cocoa Beach Half Marathon.

Cocoa Beach Half group pic

Cocoa Beach

I’m happy to report that I had a pretty great race overall. This was my seventh half marathon, with a chip time of 3:12.37.7, and while I did not PR, I am pleased with the result.Cocoa Beach Half FinishSince it is an inaugural race, there are a couple of things that could be improved upon in the future. I will be pointing these out in the hopes that the organizers stumble upon this post and consider making some changes. These are meant to be constructive, they are not meant to be offensive in any way, just some suggestions that should be taking into consideration if they expect this series to be a success.

The start time should be earlier. A start time of 7:45am is too late for a race in Central Florida. We were blessed with an overcast morning, and a slight breeze. The entire course had no shade, and almost 3 miles of running on the beach as well. Had the sun been out, it would have lead to unhealthy conditions for the runners and spectators. Many people have complained about the beach portion and the lack of shade on the course, and these problems can be alleviated in the future by altering the start time. Just an hour earlier would make a huge difference.

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PDQ turns One, and you’re invited!

Have you heard of PDQ? It stands for People Dedicated to Quality, and it’s a fresh fast food chain taking the South Florida market by storm. You caught that, right? Fresh Fast Food. Hard to imagine, but it exists, and PDQ has it!

We had the pleasure of touring and eating at our local PDQ, and I am eager to share with you how phenomenal it is!

PDQ Miami

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You never know when and how the Universe will give you something you need.

My friend Wendy and I were off to Target last night to find her son cleats for baseball. While we’re wandering through the sporting goods aisle at Target, she casually mentions that she needs one golf ball for a school project. We joke, “One golf ball. You know, like that elusive item on the school supply that’s only available at that one store in the middle of Hialeah”. We laughed and continued talking about other things. We exit the store, get in the car, and venture to Walmart, about a mile away to continue looking for the cleats. As we’re approaching the entrance to the shopping center, we see some debris on the road. We notice that there are small round things scattered throughout the road, and say, “are those golf balls?!” We pull into the parking lot of the shopping center, head over to the sidewalk adjacent to the road, and walk to the curb. Sure enough, there they were: about a dozen golf balls scattered across the lanes of the street.

From time to time you just need to ask the Universe for what you need. It will give it to you, sometimes in the most unexpected way.


She’s still looking for the cleats though.

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Caring for Kristen with Quaker State Oil

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If you have been reading this blog or following us on social media for any amount of time, you know that our family has la pata caliente, as my grandparents used to say. Whether it’s a trip North to Disney or South to the Florida Keys, a birthday party, visiting family, or attending an event, we are always on the road. Case in point: this weekend we had a birthday party in Broward in the morning, my nail appointment near our house in the early afternoon, and Eric and I were invited to an event near downtown Miami in the evening.  We probably put 200 miles on the car on Saturday alone. All that traveling around South Florida would be so much more tedious if we didn’t have our reliable car to get us there.

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Crazy runner chick

I’m super excited to share that not only will I be participating in the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon at Walt Disney World, but Matty and I will both be participating in the 5K event together. I was tempted to take on the Dark Side Challenge with Rachel, but the budget wouldn’t allow it…maybe next time! This will be my 11th Half Marathon, and makes three half marathons I’ll be doing in the first quarter of 2016 (The other two: Key West Half on January 17th and Miami Half on January 24th).

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