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Things we’re celebrating

How did we celebrate and commemorate Brandon’s 11th birthday? If you know us well, you know the answer: we went to Disney, of course! We’re trying to maximize our annual passes as we aren’t sure yet if our financial situation … Continue reading

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To the darling boy who made me a mother on this very day, 11 years ago. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for showing me what it means to love unconditionally. Thank you for making me a better person, … Continue reading

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Brandon’s Disney Favorites

During our trip to Orlando two weeks ago, we were discussing our top six must-do attractions. Our time in the parks was limited during this trip, so we had a “To Do List”, and were hoping to be able to … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Power – October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month

The month of October brings awareness for several different causes, but did you know among those is Spina Bifida Awareness? I was once afraid of those two words – “Spina” “Bifida”. During my pregnancy with Brandon, there were some “abnormalities” … Continue reading

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The Boys of Summer

It feels like the school year just ended, yet there are only three weeks of summer break left. The boys have been wishing we’d do something “fun”. Apparently going to the park, the zoo, the Children’s Museum, the beach, my … Continue reading

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The day my son made my heart burst

Today is an ordinary day. I’m trying to get the house picked up for house-guests who will be visiting us this weekend while the boys are playing in their playroom. I’ve neglected the pile of papers and assignments sent home … Continue reading

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Much to share

This post is going to be long-winded. Please bear with me. I’ve got lots to tell you and I realize that I haven’t blogged anything very personal in a while. I am still unemployed. I decided a few weeks back … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Pop-Up

The boys love the Harry Potter series, and when they saw this book at T.J. Maxx yesterday they flipped! At $6.99 I wasn’t even going to hesitate in buying it, unfortunately it was all bent out of shape and we … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy is working overtime at our house

In the span of a week, Matty lost two teeth. The first was on March 5th. He woke up that morning and realized that his wiggling tooth was no longer in his mouth. I was afraid he might have swallowed … Continue reading

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In a little over 12 hours, my baby boy turns six. I realize, though, that he’s only a baby in my eyes. He’s a kindergartner who loves to read and play soccer. He idolizes his big brother, even if they … Continue reading

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