January 11, 2005



Exactly 2 years ago, you entered this world.
You've brightened my life in a way I never thought possible. I no longer see the world with my own eyes, but through yours. I don't remember what my life was like without you. (Did I truly have a life before you?!)
I love watching you, and playing with you. I am in awe every time you speak, you know so much for such a little being. You never cease to amaze us with your words and your actions.
You are my angel, and there are not enough words to tell you how much I love you.
Thank you for being my son. I am forever grateful to be your mommy.

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Brandon's Grandmother Tere sent me an email in response to the above post. Following is her reply, in Spanish, and underneath that is my translation into English. It may not be grammatically correct, but I wanted to try and translate it without altering her thoughts too much. Thank you, Abuela. I know you know how much Brandon loves you...

Querida Amanda, trate de escribir este mensaje en ingles, y me hubiera gustado estar presente en el site tan maravilloso que tio Valen hizo posible para Brandon. Pero mis emociones van mas alla de mi conocimiento del idioma y pense que tu podras algun dia traducirlas para el. Lei tu nota de hoy por la manana y me emocione muchisimo pues tambien para nosotros la llegada de Brandon abrio un mundo maravilloso y desconocido, donde la capacidad de amar no tiene limites y en el que, al convertirnos en abuelos hemos experimentado toda clase de sentimientos , siempre encontramos belleza, ternura e inteligencia en cada uno de sus movimientos, palabras, gestos. Siempre justificamos y tratamos de complacer cada uno de sus deseos sean o no aprobados por mami y papi y te decia que la capacidad de amar es infinita pues la llegada de Michael trajo una faceta nueva a esta maravillosa experiencia, a veces pienso que no puedo resistir tanta ternura, es por eso que al llegar a casa , prefiero sentir el olor de la locion de bebe, que el de los inciensos que acostumbraba quemar, y no me importa tener la casa llena de juguetes y cargar en mi cartera las ultimas fotos de los ninos que siempre enseno a la misma persona una o dos veces, incluir en las compras del mercado, compotas,cheerios y baberos desechables, lo que nuestros nietos han traido a nuestras vidas es una bendicion y asi lo reconocemos cada instante de nuestras vidas. Gracias

Dear Amanda, I tried to write this message in English, to be able to be present in the wonderful Site that Tio Val made possible for Brandon. But my emotions are deeper than my knowledge of the language and I thought that one day you would translate this for him. I read your note this morning and got very emotional because for us too Brandonís arrival opened a marvelous world and unknown, where the capacity to love has no limits and in which, in becoming grandparents we have experimented all kinds of sentiments, always finding beauty, tenderness and intelligence en every one of his movements, words and gestures. We always justify and try to please every one of his wishes be they or be they not approved by mommy and daddy, and as I was saying earlier the capacity to love is infinite, as Michaelís arrival introduced a new phase to this wonderful experience. Sometimes I think that the tenderness is too much for me to bear, and that is why when I get home, I prefer the smell of baby lotions than that of the incense I used to light, and I donít care about having the house filled with toys and carrying in my purse the latest pictures of the boys that I am always showing to the same person once or twice, including in the grocery list baby food, cheerios, and disposable bibs, what our grandchildren have brought into our lives is a blessing, which we recognize every instant of our lives. Thank you!

Posted by Brandon at January 11, 2005 06:30 AM

Darn it. You made me cry!


Posted by: Val Prieto at January 11, 2005 08:34 AM

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!

Posted by: yamy at January 11, 2005 09:31 AM

Happy birthday, Brandon.

You have a great family. Listen to them and you won't go wrong.

Posted by: homebru at January 11, 2005 10:54 AM

Happy birthday, kid. Go easy on the Champagne.

Posted by: Steve H. at January 11, 2005 11:51 AM

Don't forget to get a nap in before the girl jumps out of the cake.

Happy Birthday.

Posted by: aelfheld at January 11, 2005 12:56 PM

Hi. Came over from Babalu. Happy birthday, Brandon!
(Today is also my daughter's b-day. Nice to see she's in good company. ^_^ )

Posted by: FL Mom at January 11, 2005 04:24 PM

Happy Birthday, Brandon!!! I'm sending you lots of hugs from Texas! :-)


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at January 11, 2005 06:28 PM

Happy Birthday, Brandon! :D

Posted by: pam at January 12, 2005 09:06 AM

Amanda: Hope you know that your little story made me cry but it was a "happy cry" because Brandon has brought us all lots of joy in these past two years.

Brandon: Tia Lilli sends you lots of hugs and kisses on your birthday. I LOVE YOU BABY!


Posted by: Tia Lilli at January 12, 2005 09:33 AM

Happy Birthday, Brandon. May you have many more.

Imperial Keeper

Posted by: Elizabeth at January 12, 2005 10:01 AM

Mommy's and Bela's story about you really made me cry. I also feel what they feel .I love you so much. I remembering holding you in the ICU and staring at your beautiful face. You looked so much like your mommy. But now that you are "dos" I love to hear people say "your nephew looks so much like you." It reminds me that you are my gordy. Since your birth you have been the love of my life. I am so proud to be your Titi, to flash your pictures to anyone who is willing to hear me go on and on about my gordy. The first day you said "Titi", was unforgetable for me. And now that I live in Virginia, so far away, hearing you say "Hi Titi, Luv You" over the phone is something I cherish and truly look forward to. I miss you (and primi) like crazy. I miss seeing you at "Tata house", playing with you, getting your "big hugs" and your "besitos". I am sorry I wasn't in Miami for your actual birthday, but I am so grateful I can be there for your " woody part 2" birthday party. I love you my gordy...more than words can explain.

Posted by: Titi at January 12, 2005 10:41 PM

You made mommy cry Titi!!
I miss you too, and I'll see you soon!

Posted by: Brandon at January 13, 2005 09:39 AM

Visiting from Steve's blog.

Happy Birthday Brandon!

My little boy will be two next month. What a beautiful gift from God. Congratulations to the parents. I know the joy that Brandon brings to your lives.

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Posted by: Chris at January 13, 2005 01:47 PM