I Survived…Hello, Summer!

Marco Island, June 2019

My first year of teaching is in the books, people! I’d say overall it was a very successful year. But clearly I still need to work on time management when it comes to activities outside of school. Like Blogging.

We are now in week three of my first summer off as a teacher, ever. So what are we doing with our time? I’m taking two classes for two different endorsements that I need. I was really good about working out during the first week of break. I went to the gym once and went for runs three times. But last week I didn’t exercise at all due to one of my endorsement classes. And this week I was running errands and catching up on household things after a quick trip to Orlando last weekend. Let’s see how the remaining seven weeks of break go.

We’re spending quality time with family, with the boys having plenty of time to hang out with their cousins. And hubby and I are taking a trip in late July, just the two of us. This has become a tradition in the last couple of years. You may recall we went to Houston two summers ago to see Queen, and Chicago last summer to see Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field. This time, we’re going to New Orleans. And yes, it’s for another concert.

We’ve got plans to go to the movies too. We’ll be seeing Toy Story 4 and the live action remake of The Lion King in theaters during the next few weeks. And we were fortunate enough to attend a press screening of Spiderman: Far From Home this week. It’s a great year for summer movie releases! We’ll be doing some reading too. Both boys have summer reading assignments to complete, and I’ve got a couple of books I bought a while back that I want to finish before school starts again in August.

These last three weeks have flown by. I’m hoping the next seven take their time. I really want to enjoy this summer break and do as many fun things with the boys as we can. Happy Summer!

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