Brain Dump

Here are a few things floating around my mind, in no particular order:

  • After two days of orientation, I’m a little nervous, and excited, that I start classes next Friday. I have my schedule, I’ve ordered my textbook, now I just need to get through the next ten months.
  • My worst half ever this past Sunday is haunting me. I want to run and burn off some of the anxiety from my upcoming school/work/in-service schedule, but I can’t. My feet are still healing from the enormous blisters I got, thanks to soaked socks and shoes. I had to walk almost the entire Half, taking me 4 hours and 30 minutes. Just when I think I’m walking normally and can possibly try to run this weekend, I move my foot the wrong way and see stars. May have to give this another week or so…
  • Even though we can’t even consider buying a new home until early May, I can’t help checking listings online, even though we can do nothing about any of the ones I fall in love with until three months from now.
  • Speaking of new homes, I’m hoping we can avoid further hits to our credit with some creative juggling which would allow me to pay for school with money we have on-hand versus charging my classes on credit cards.
  • Note to self: Less eating out. And Starbucks. And visits to Target.
  • Those last two are going to be hard.
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