Celebrating 40

So in two days I’ll be 40. 40 seemed so old when I was younger. As they say these days though, 40 is the new 20. And I’ve taken that to heart. Yes, there’s some sagging, and wrinkles, and gray hairs, but so far facing 40 isn’t so bad. I’ve got some dreams I plan to make reality this coming year, and one in partcular that ticks off three items on my bucket list is just about six weeks away. Not only am I going to California for the first time, and Disneyland, but I’m going “Coast to Coast“! I’ll be running in Disneyland’s Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon in January, and in Disney World’s Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon in April. But wait, it gets better: I’m taking two friends with me! Can’t wait for these two girls’ weekends, one of which  is practically around the corner!

I’ll also be starting school for my teaching degree, finally! I went to an interview with the director for the program today, and most of the paperwork has been processed. Everything will be in order within the next week or two, just in time for the new semester in January. It’s going to be a crazy year, with classes on the weekends and reading assignments, service hours, portofolios and all kinds of other requirements, but I need to do this. For me. Because at 20 I didn’t that I’d have the chance to do what I dreamed of as a little girl, and at 40 I can make it a reality.

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