Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Smooshies

The boys and I were recently invited to Smooshies in South Miami to join in their re-opening festivities. Smooshies is not just a candy shop, it also features innovative educational toys and nitrogen ice cream. It’s a great space for families to hang out and spend some time together. We were so excited to visit and check out the store. We were also thrilled to try nitrogen ice cream. We’d never tried it before, and heard it is absolutely delicious!


The Smooshies shop is adorable! With hot air balloons hanging overhead, a vast array of toys and board games line the walls for play and purchase. There are over 150 varieties of retro and modern candies to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Speaking of sweet tooth, nitrogen ice cream comes in an assortment of flavors, from classics like vanilla and chocolate to fruit flavors like mango and strawberry, and specialty flavors Nutella and Dulce de Leche. They also serve coffee, and it’s not just any coffee: they serve Nespresso!


It was hard to decide what flavor nitrogen ice cream to try, but we narrowed it down to chocolate for Matty and Nutella for Brandon and I. It was really cool to see how nitrogen ice cream is made, and it tasted as awesome as we expected it to be!


But to be fair, we’ll be visiting again and trying other flavors. For research purposes, of course. 😉


With two current locations, one in South Miami and another in Key Biscayne, and a new location opening soon in Coconut Grove, Smooshies offers families across town several options to have some sweet fun together.


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