Bragging Rights

Yup, I think I’ve earned them…I beat my best half marathon time. And, I ran a half in under 3 hours. Both personal records were completed a week apart. I’m still in shock.

The first, the Key West Half Marathon, was held on January 17th. I completed it in 3:01:39, according to my running watch. Total disclosure: I did pause my watch when my running friends and I stopped for potty breaks and photo opps. A tiny voice in the back of my mind kept telling me that maybe I didn’t PR since the official results show otherwise. But I think a more powerful little voice said to the first voice, “Oh yeah? Just wait until next week!” Because somehow, not only did I PR again during the Miami Half Marathon on January 24th, with a result of 2:52:10, I beat the prior week’s time by 9 minutes and 29 seconds! That’s my watch time. My official race results: 2:53:10!


For those keeping track, here are my updated race results:

October 2011- Halloween Half 3:17:14
January 2012 – Miami Half (former ING) 3:08:08
December 2012 – Latin Music Half 3:15:12
January 2013 – Miami Half (former ING) 3:12:44
February 2013 – WDW Princess Half 3:37:28
January 2015 – Miami Half 3:12:13
October 2015 – Cocoa Beach Half 3:12:37
November 2015 – WDW Wine & Dine Half 2:22:07 (This doesn’t count, the course was cut in half due to weather)
January 2016 – Key West Half 3:10:15
January 2016 – Miami Half 2:53:10

I know I won’t PR during the Star Wars Half in April, as it’s close to impossible to
PR during a Disney race because it’s so crowded, so I’ll have to try and beat my best time next season. 2:45, I’m coming for you!


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