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I’m super excited to share that not only will I be participating in the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon at Walt Disney World, but Matty and I will both be participating in the 5K event together. I was tempted to take on the Dark Side Challenge with Rachel, but the budget wouldn’t allow it…maybe next time! This will be my 11th Half Marathon, and makes three half marathons I’ll be doing in the first quarter of 2016 (The other two: Key West Half on January 17th and Miami Half on January 24th).

Just for fun, let’s recap my Half Marathon history:

2011- Halloween Half 3:17:14

2012 – Miami Half (former ING) 3:08:08

2012 – Latin Music Half 3:15:12

2013 – Miami Half (former ING) 3:12:44

2013 – WDW Princess Half 3:37:28

2015 – Miami Half 3:12:13


October 2015 – Cocoa Beach Half

November 2015 – WDW Wine & Dine Half

January 2016 – Key West Half

January 2016 – Miami Half

April 2016 – Star Wars Half

If you had told me a little over four years ago I’d be running Half marathons, I’d have thought “that’s crazy! Who wants to run for 3 hours?”. Well, this girl right here does! Except I hope to run for less than that. My goal is to finish a Half under 3 hours, I hope to achieve that in the next few months.


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