Summer Lovin’

That’s it: there’s just a few days of summer break left then it’s back to reality! While I do work at a preschool that is open year round, I loved my summer schedule. Since the boys didn’t have to be at school at 8am, I’d get up at 5:15am for the gym, work out, get back home, take a shower and jump back in bed for another hour or two. Then I’d leisurely have breakfast, get dressed for work, and arrive at work at 10am. In a week, that wonderful schedule will be over. With Brandon entering his second year of middle school, and having to catch the bus at 7:30am to get there, and Matty starting 3rd grade, I know the year ahead will be challenging, and I won’t have as many opportunities to just relax. So I’ll be savoring the next five morning cups of coffee, and especially those morning naps. And counting down the days until winter break!


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