Disney Side@Home 2015 Party Prep

(Okay, so this took me a little a lot longer to finish than anticipated. And it is also longer than I anticipated. So long, I’m dividing it in two. Here’s the first part. Read it all, I promise you’ll like it.)

Some weeks ago (really? Was it almost three months ago?! Better late than never…), we hosted our second Disney Side@Home Party, and I’m happy to report it was as great, if not better, than our first one last year! I got very crafty this year, and I’m thankful that my friend Amy Kikita, who’s got a genetic predisposition for amazing party planning, was on-hand to help  take over  lead the party planning committee.

Before I tell you about the party, let me tell you about all the amazing goodies that came in my Disney Side@Home Multigenerational Party Kit:
Disney napkins, cups, plates, tablecloth and decorations
Minnie Mouse mini snack pails
Minnie Mouse Snack Stand
Go Fish & Snap card games
Mickey and Friends Sticker Pad
Mickey and Friends pencils
Disney Princess nail polish pack
Twinings assorted Herbal Teas
Pin the Smile on Mickey game
Disney Bingo game
Disney crossword puzzles
Cake baking supplies, including a Mickey shaped cake pan, Tie Dye cake mix from Duff Goldman, and sprinkles
Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce
All Mighty Paks
HP Create Memories You Keep packs, including photo paper and envelopes
Disney Vacation planning DVDs and luggage tags
My Family Tree of Life posters
Reusable bags from ABC Family

With all that stuff, I didn’t have to go shopping for goodies like I did last year. Guests took home the ABC Family reusable bags filled with some of the goodies provided.

But before the party started, we had to decorate. There were so many great ideas on my Disney Side Party Pinterest Board, but I only had time to recreate a few of them for the party, so I had to make them count. Kikita helped me execute them, and I’m totally grateful. She spent the entire day before, as well as the morning of, at our house, making sure our home was showing off its Disney Side. This included moving furniture (Hello, stadium seating in my living room!) and creating a focal point for the breakfast area, which is where everyone ends up congregating during our parties.

Now that the furniture was moved from my family room, we had room to set up the one thing I was most looking forward to: our Disney Side Photo Booth! We hung a white sheet over our entertainment center to create the backdrop, and I brought out the boys’ Mickey Ears and my Maleficent horns to start our prop collection. We painted wood photo props I found at Michael’s, and within minutes we had two crowns and two Mad Hatter hats. We were all set!


We made Mickey and Minnie centerpieces with Styrofoam balls. I spray painted two different sizes of balls with black paint (which took forever because the Styrofoam soaks up the paint so I had to apply 5 or 6 coats), and while they were drying I started working on another project.

disneysidelanternsI tried to make classic Mickey heads using black paper lanterns and small black party plates for the ears. I didn’t have glue dots and I tried regular tape, packing tape, even toothpicks to prop them up, but it was a classic Pinterest Fail. Not even Kikita could get them to attach, so we made the executive decision to hang the lanterns by themselves instead. It looked cute just like that (yup, sometimes less is more).

Once the styrofoam balls were dry, we put the Mickey heads for our centerpieces together using kabob sticks. We used the large ones for the “stem”, and the smaller sized sticks to connect the smaller styrofoam balls to the bigger one for Mickey’s head. We then stuck the stem into another piece of styrofoam we put inside a pot, filled it with red crinkled paper shreds, painted the stem red, added a little bow to one of the heads for Minnie, and voilá! MnMCenterpieces

We made our own bunting (or as I like to call them “party flag thingies”) with scrapbooking paper in patterns that included the classic Mickey colors: Red, Yellow, White, and Black. We cut a bunch of triangles out of the 12×12 paper, decided on the patterns we wanted, measured the space where we wanted the flags and how much twine we’d need for each, taped the triangle pieces onto each string of twine, then hung them up. It’s a little bit time consuming with the cutting and measuring, but it is really easy. The moment we put them up the party space immediately looked festive. We hung one bunting in the doorway between the family room and breakfast area, and had a smaller one for the food table.

DisneySideTable(Don’t be hating on my awesome droopy flags!)

As a huge Disney fan, I am so glad to have been chosen to host a Disney Side @ Home celebration. I have a bit more to say about our party, including the food, games, and overall fun time we had with family and friends. Stay tuned for our next post regarding our party. But in the meantime, huge thanks to Mom Select and Disney for choosing me, as well as the sponsors for an amazing party pack!

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