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I’m super excited: there’s a running store opening in the shopping center close to our house. I saw it last weekend. I’m not sure when it’s opening, but I’m so happy about it. I’ll have easy access to accessories, running fuel, and new gear pretty soon. Hubby may not be as happy about this as I am….($$$)

I’m participating in the Carnaval Miami 5K this weekend. It’s one of my favorite races of the year! I’ve run it the last several years in Key Biscayne, and this year it’s being held on Calle Ocho, which is totally appropriate since it’s the precursor to Carnaval on the Mile and Calle Ocho, coming up over the next two weekends (respectively). This year, I’m a Carnaval Miami Blog Ambassador (did you notice that cute little badge on the right?), and I get to be a part of these events that I love in a different capacity. So cool.

In even more fun, running related news, Rachel is going to be in town for her birthday next weekend, and we’re going to register for a race! We’re currently torn between the Biggest Loser 10K and the Sombrero Beach 15K Challenge in Marathon Key. We’re both leaning towards the Sombrero Challenge, as this will be a unique opportunity to run through an gorgeous scenic route. I can’t wait for this one, I’ve never run in the Florida Keys before.

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