Miami Half Marathon 2015

I completed my sixth half marathon on Sunday, and to not mess with tradition, I did not train in the traditional sense. I did, however, get a few runs in before the Half took place (which is more than I can say about other Halfs I’ve run):

3.01 miles on December 14th
2.07 miles on December 31st
4.44 miles on January 2nd (with Rachel while in Orlando)
4.56 miles on January 4th (with Rachel while in Orlando)
5.75 miles on January 7th
2.05 miles on January 9th
1.96 miles on January 14th

I also went to the gym about seven times during the last three weeks. While it’s not the perfect training scenario, I was definitely active enough to know that I could get through the Half Marathon. Ideally, I would have liked to PR, but by the time the race started I knew I’d be happy finishing within my usual range. I was running nice and steady, using 1 minute walk/1 minute run intervals, but started feeling sore around mile 8. I really thought I’d end up walking the rest of the way, but my friend Lorena kept me in check, reminding me that I could do it. And I thought to myself, “of course I can, this isn’t my first Half! I know what to expect, I’ve run this course in particular twice before. Come on, you’ve got this! Once we finish this bridge it’s an easy 5K and we’re done!”

Thanks to Lorena’s encouragement, and my internal pep talks, I finished at 3:12:13, just a few minutes off from my PR of 3:08:08, and about 30 seconds quicker than the last time I ran this race in 2013.

I was significantly sore after the race, waddling all the way to the Metrorail station to head back to my car, but the discomfort was short lived. Less than two days later and I’m feeling pretty good today, and intend on heading back to the gym tomorrow. So what did I do this morning? Register for the Miami Half 2016! Yes, we crazy runners are crazy, and what runner in their (in)sane mind can say no to a registration blitz?!

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