I have a running partner!

I’m happy to announce that I have a new running partner. Matty wanted to start running with me, so I registered him for the two 5K’s I completed last month. The first one was the Tommy Hilfiger Zoo Run 5K on November 16th. This was a great starter race for him because not only do they award medals, but most of the course is through part of the zoo. We got to see the animals early on in the day, which is always a fun experience.

He did great during the race! He kept up with my 2 minute run/2 minute walk pace, stopping a few times to tie his shoes because he insisted he didn’t want to double-knot them. I think we had a great finish time considering the shoe tying and animal gazing slowed us down.

Amanda – Clock Time: 50:04, Chip Time: 44:06, 14:12 Pace
Matthew – Clock Time: 50:00, Chip Time: 43:59, 14:10 Pace

He also participated in the ZooKids Dash, but that did not go as well. There were so many kids and it was so disorganized that he ended up getting trampled early on during the 400 meter race. We were all waiting for him at the finish line and when he never came, I freaked out. I started running around the parking lot and noticed a few people hunched over something. Almost instantly I spotted his little legs and sprinted to the scene. He was holding his right arm and was saying he couldn’t move. A few moments later the EMTs arrived and check him out. He was more in shock than anything else, thankfully. I am so grateful for the lady who witnessed him get pushed, stayed with him until I arrived, and even put her husband’s shirt under his head so he could be as comfortable as possible. It could have been so much worse, and I thought the experience would leave a sour taste in his mouth and he wouldn’t want to run again.

Fortunately, that was not the case. This past Thursday we ran the Miami Turkey Day 5K, a holiday tradition for our family. Matty insisted that he wanted to run alongside his cousins, who participate in Track and Field in their school and are excellent runners. I was worried that they would get split up and he’d end up alone, but I’m glad I let him, check out his finish time.

Matthew – Clock Time: 45:11, Chip Time: 36:16, 11:41 Pace

Amazing, right? And the cousins all finished within seconds of each other, which I think is so cool.

I didn’t do too shabby either…

Amanda – Clock Time: 50:42, Chip Time: 41:45, 13:27 Pace

I don’t think he’s ready to join me for any half marathons any time soon, but I’m excited about all the 5Ks we can run together this season!

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