Exercise and Sleep patterns + Giveaway #SleepMatters

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I’ll admit it, I’m a sleepyhead. I’ll snooze three or four times before getting up, and I’d rather stay in bed on the weekend than get up early to clean, run errands, or attend an event. I do make an effort to go to the gym during the work week, and with my busy schedule that means a 6am workout. While I’m not fan of getting up that early, I have noticed that I sleep more deeply on the days I’ve worked out than the days I haven’t.

Did you know that getting regular exercise helps deepen sleep? While I work out before the sun comes up, you can grab a quick workout at lunch, go on a brisk walk, or even take the stairs. Regular daytime exercise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Even if I have a long day, I have noticed that I sleep better those days that I’ve gone to the gym. What works for me may not work for you, so be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning or modifying your exercise routine.

Nutrition is an equally important factor when it comes to getting good sleep. It’s best to finish eating at least two to three hours before your regular bedtime. If you’re hungry, a light snack high in carbohydrates like bread or cereal can actually help you fall asleep.

Here are few tips for a better night sleep:

1. Physical Activity Can Promote Better Sleep (exercise, but not within a few hours of bedtime)
2. Pets disturb a good nights sleep, (get him his own bed)
3. Your coffee routine could be keeping you up at night, (limit yourself to one serving)
4. Clock watching keeps the brain stimulated and anxious, (keep alarm clock away from bed)
5. We replace our cars more often than our mattress, (It’s time to replace yours)
6. Backlit electronics keep you awake and delay your sleep, (Only use the bedroom for sleep)

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll still suffer from sleeplessness. In fact, more than 30% of the U.S. adult population suffers from sleeplessness. What triggers sleeplessness varies from person to person, however sleep is extremely important. Tylenol® PM can help, it is the #1 doctor recommended brand for pain with sleeplessness. Tylenol® PM relieves minor aches and pains while helping you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. It is safe, effective, and non-habit forming when used as directed. Always read and follow the product label. Please note that Tylenol® PM is for adults ONLY and children 12 years and over. Tylenol® PM is available at your local Walgreens store.

For more information on TYLENOL® PM: Visit http://www.tylenol.com/products/sleep-pain or call the Customer Care Center at 1-877-895-3665

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25 Responses to Exercise and Sleep patterns + Giveaway #SleepMatters

  1. Lisa Brown says:

    Playing sounds or music, or keeping the TV on, helps me sleep, so it may help others, too.

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    My best sleeping tip is to make sure your bedroom is dark and cool. It will really help you fall asleep!

  3. Elena says:

    I like to take hot bath before going to bed. It helps me to relax

  4. Mary Happymommy says:

    I use a white noise machine.

  5. HS says:

    My best tip is to read, at least for me, bedtime reading helps me to sleep all the time.

  6. Denise L says:

    Black out shades work great. It’s always easier to sleep when it’s really dark.

  7. Stephanie says:

    i read before bed

  8. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    For Me I Like To Have My Room Temp At Around 70 Degrees For A Comfortable Night’s Sleep.

  9. Nicole says:

    My tip for getting a better night sleep is set a sleep schedule to make sure your getting the right amount of sleep, and avoid the computer and/or tv before bed, try reading a book instead.

  10. Ellie Wright says:

    Dark cold room and a book. Puts me to sleep every time.

  11. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My tip for getting good sleep is to not have any caffeine in the afternoon so that you have time to wind down!

  12. Leidy says:

    My tip is to stop using electronics for at least 1 hr before bed that would give you a chance to relax and to clear up your mind before bed time

  13. Terra Heck says:

    Don’t drink caffeine a few hours before going to bed and sleep in a bed that’s made up. I personally sleep better in a bed that’s been made than in a messy bed. Thanks.

  14. Melissa M says:

    I take a warm bath before bed.

  15. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    No Caffeine or food after 6pm

  16. shelly peterson says:

    I make sure no tv at bedtime and all lights are off.

  17. Madonna says:

    I have to have a fan to sleep to drown out noise.

  18. Erika W. says:

    My tips for better sleep are to not drink caffeine after 2 pm and stay off your phones before bed (especially if the room is dark and you’re on your phone).

  19. Elle says:

    My tip is to read before bed or do something that is relaxing and will make you sleepy rather than stimulate you.

  20. Kelly D says:

    My tip is to use light blocking curtains.

  21. nadya kotik says:

    i exercise, eat healthy and sleep 8 hours with very dark curtains to block out the light

  22. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I read before bed.

  23. claire says:

    make a routine like tea nd reading before bed

  24. steve weber says:

    take a nice long bath.. it will help you relax.

  25. Thomas Murphy says:

    exercise during the day to get better sleep.

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