I have a new personal record!

(I wrote this about a month ago, but never published it. I was in the funk I mentioned on Sunday and just didn’t have it in me to finish it. But I do want to recognize that I reached this personal record, and therefore am publishing it now for posperity.)

This past SundayA month ago, I once again participated in the Carnaval Miami Run. I decided that I’d run the 8K this year and I had great company: both my sisters registered for the 8K as well! We ran together for the first 2 miles at a 3 minute run/1 minute run pace. Then my little sister kept the pace while my big sister and I rolled back to our comfortable 2 minute run/2 minute walk. The new pace, even if only for a part of the race, got me to my latest personal record. My official net time was 01:03:31 with a 12:47 pace. We had such a great time running together and having some quality sister time. I’m hoping I can convince my big sister to train for a Half so we can all do the Disney Princess Half early next year.

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