Angels watching over us

The last few weeks have been tough for my family, to say the least. After losing my grandfather unexpectedly on January 30th, we lost my great uncle on March 3rd, just four weeks later. While his death was expected due to a long battle with cancer, it still took an emotional toll on all of us. Both of these losses come at the heels of losing my other great uncle last winter. I wrote a few blog posts due to some commitments, but following these losses I just haven’t had the inclination to write recently. Things are slowly getting back to normal though, so I’ll be back to a regular writing routine.
While we were mourning, life went on as normal, and some great things happened during the last few weeks that I’d like to mention. Matthew achieved Principal’s Honor Roll for the first time, and we were so proud! Brandon was accepted into the magnet program he wanted for middle school for the upcoming school year. Hubby started a new job, and will keep his old job on a part time basis. I can’t help but think that these things were a result of three special angels looking over us.

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