Things we’re celebrating

How did we celebrate and commemorate Brandon’s 11th birthday? If you know us well, you know the answer: we went to Disney, of course! We’re trying to maximize our annual passes as we aren’t sure yet if our financial situation will allow us to renew in a few months. This, combined with Brandon’s birthday falling on a weekend, made the decision easy. It was one of our funnest visits to date. I think it helps that the boys are older now, so not only do we not have a stroller slowing us down, they can also ride all the rides (save for two or three that Matty is still a little short for). This time, we let them create the itinerary, and we visited the parks and attractions that they wanted to see and do.

It was also the 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend, and I was so glad to at least be in the area so that I could cheer on my friend Vivienne, who completed the Marathon with a personal record of 4 hours and 39 minutes: GO VIVI!!

Another awesome thing we are celebrating around here is that this blog turned 10 years old on Brandon’s birthday. I’ll be having a few fun giveaways to commemorate this occasion, I have a separate post for those coming up. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers: old and new, past and present. And thank you to Tio Val for one of the most creative presents ever given. Here’s the post that started it all: What a great birthday present!!

I have exciting news to share: I’ve been chosen to host a Disney Side@Home Celebration!! As a Disney lover, I was beyond excited to be chosen for this opportunity. I took video of us opening our #DisneySide@Home Celebration kit, which arrived yesterday. I’ll be posting that tomorrow along with all the goodies we received.

Last, but certainly not least, my baby boy turns seven in two days!

I hope the coming year is as exciting and eventful as the month of January has been.

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