The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

I’m happy to report that I was once again able to participate in The Color Run. Last year all of us went, but the boys have basketball practice on Saturday mornings, so hubby took them to their game and I headed to the 5K with my sisters and two of my nephews. This 5K is so fun! You go from a blank canvas (literally, one of their “rules” is that you wear white) to a walking rainbow!! There are four color stations throughout the course, and once you cross the finish line there’s a big Color Party! We had such a blast!

My only criticism is that the course was changed this year to the Homestead Speedway. While the location itself wasn’t bad (and much closer to my house than last year’s location in Key Biscayne), there was a long stretch of the route at the beginning with no shade, and the race started at 9am, with waves every few minutes until 9:30am. By the time we reached the water station around mile 2, we were feeling parched and dry, particularly since we ran through two color stations at that point. Other than that, everything about it was awesome. We had a great time!

Special thanks to my little sister, who is recovering from a car accident, for waiting for us at the finish line and taking pictures.

There are still quite a few races around the country during the rest of the running season, check out their website for a location near you. And here’s a little gift for you: $5 off with code COLOR5OFF.

Thank you to my friend Ana from Miami Mommy Savings for providing me with 4 registration codes for me and my family members.

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