Brandon’s Disney Favorites

During our trip to Orlando two weeks ago, we were discussing our top six must-do attractions. Our time in the parks was limited during this trip, so we had a “To Do List”, and were hoping to be able to ride at least our top 6 rides. Brandon and I decided we’d share our favorite rides with you (in his words below).

6. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
I really like that you can shoot at the aliens and spin the car on your own.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean
Who doesn’t love Jack Sparrow?! I like that it’s very similar to the movie.

4. Under The Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid
It’s one of the newest rides in Disney World, and the songs are really catchy. I like that you can see all of Ariel’s “stuff” as you are going into the ride.

3. Space Mountain
It’s fun to ride and I love the space theme.

2. Thunder Mountain
I like the new stuff the Disney Imagineers added to the waiting queue and the village, makes the ride even better.

1. Splash Mountain
Who doesn’t love a fun log flume ride? You may get wet!!

Bonus: We park hopped to Animal Kingdom to ride Expedition: Everest. It has a little bit of everything (except water ride): it loops, goes backwards, and has thrills and chills. It’s the BEST RIDE EVER!!! (Even Matty agrees!)

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