The Boys of Summer

It feels like the school year just ended, yet there are only three weeks of summer break left. The boys have been wishing we’d do something “fun”. Apparently going to the park, the zoo, the Children’s Museum, the beach, my uncle’s pool, and playing video games apparently hasn’t been “fun” enough.

You be the judge, have they had fun?

There’s still time for a few more adventures before the first day of school. Let’s see what else we can come up with during the next few weeks.

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2 Responses to The Boys of Summer

  1. They look like they’re having a blast! Aren’t kids funny, though: no matter how busy you keep them, or how many things you do to entertain them, the instant they get one free moment (usually when you’re trying to catch your breath) it’s all “I’m so booooooored!”

  2. wRitErsbLock says:

    this summer flew by.

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