The day my son made my heart burst

Today is an ordinary day. I’m trying to get the house picked up for house-guests who will be visiting us this weekend while the boys are playing in their playroom. I’ve neglected the pile of papers and assignments sent home from school for almost three weeks, but today I have no choice but to sort through them to see what I’m tossing and what I’m keeping. Every year I keep a few assignments, either because they show off either of my boys’ talents, or because it’s something extra special. This particular one is both, and it made me tear up with joy.

This is one of the expository writing prompts Brandon did in early February when they were practicing for the FCAT.

I know the picture is a bit fuzzy, so here is what it says:

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” Hearing the sound of my mom in the morning could be the best sound you could ever hear. My mom is the most special person to me.

To begin with, my mom is special to me because she keeps me healthy. She makes me a different healthy breakfast every day like waffles, eggs, and cereal. She also makes me a healthy lunch like a ham and cheese sandwich. She even makes me a healthy dinner! Whenever I’m sick my mom gives me medicine. One time I recall, I was really hungry. My mom said she’ll make me something. When my mom was done I sat at the table. When I stared inside my bowl and saw what was inside I was surprised to see rice with ground beef. My mom knows me so well!

Additionally, my mom is special to me because she’s funny. This one day my mom started talking in a British voice. My mom also talks in a squeaky voice. One of the funny things she does is imitate my uncle. She even acts as if she never met me before. One time I remember, my mom was driving me to school. Suddenly she started talking like a British person! It was so funny!

Furthermore, my mom is special to me because she lets me have huge Lego sets. I have this Lego that’s over 100 pieces. It’s called the Ultra Sonic Raider. The Ultra Sonic Raider has around 500 pieces. It’s a ninja tank and an aircraft at the same time!

As has been noted the most special person to me is my mom because she keeps me healthy, she’s funny, and lets me have huge Lego sets. If I were with my mom forever I would be on could nine.

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4 Responses to The day my son made my heart burst

  1. Yeah…. that would do it…. <3

  2. Marta Darby says:

    Beautiful writing must be part of your gene pool.
    Also, you forgot the tissue warning. Beautiful. xo

  3. Mujer please- next time hanky alert. Aqui en el library with tears in my eyes. How wonderful the appreciation he has for you! Make sure you have this post blown up and laminated pa’ cuando el llega a ::shudder:: Puberty. ; ) BB2U

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