I’m going to Hispanicize 2013!!

I’m so very excited to share that Chuck E. Cheese has chosen to sponsor me to attend Hispanicize 2013! Yes, THAT Chuck E. Cheese, he of the fun place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.

I’m so proud to be affiliated with Chuck E. Cheese, who stands by their promise to parents:

Kid Check: Every member of a party – adult and kid; family or group – who enters Chuck E. Cheese’s gets a unique hand stamp that is verified upon their exit to assist in our objective that families who come together leave together.

Clean, Open Environment: We clean and sanitize the bathrooms, showroom, gameroom and other areas of the store throughout the day. If you see a table or bathroom that needs attention, let one of our managers know. We’ll get right to it.

Wholesome family fun: We are very choosy about which games are allowed into Chuck E. Cheese’s. Whether it’s a video game or a game that encourages physical activity, like our Skytubes®, we believe all our games should be fun to play and fun to watch.

Food made fresh: When it comes to food, our priorities are freshness and high-quality ingredients. Every pizza is made to order, fresh (never frozen), and we use only 100% real mozzarella cheese. Our salad bar is always full of fresh items prepared by hand daily.

Fun – for all ages: We have different games for different ages. But if a grownup wants to have a turn, we promise not to make fun of you.

(Isn’t that the truth?…while the kids run around playing their favorites, you’ll find me playing Skeeball!)

Stay tuned for future posts, I will be giving away Chuck E. Cheese Guest passes, each one is good for one large pizza, four soft drinks and 30 tokens (for kids or adults!). And follow them on twitter: @chuckecheese.

What is Hispanicize? It’s five days of bringing together bloggers, marketers, celebrities, filmmakers, musicians, and brands to network, discuss ideas, learn from each other, and have some fun. In it’s fourth year, Hispanicize is not just a conference, it’s an event! And it starts tomorrow. And I’m so happy about it that I’m bordering on obnoxious (just as hubby). Not only will I get to attend useful, informative sessions, and go to several special events like the Music and Film festivals, I get to see a bunch of my social media friends.

So it’s official, and I couldn’t be happier!


Want to follow along? Follow Chuck E. Cheese (@chuckecheese) and Hispanicize (@hispanicize) on Twitter, and use #hispz13 during the event.

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