Hispanicize – Latina Icons Share Their Knowledge

One of the most popular and powerful sessions during Hispanicize was Adelante: Wisdom of Latina Legends, sponsored by Coca Cola. Three Hollywood Icons, Nely Galan, Rita Moreno and Charo, along with local philanthropist Maria Elena Torrano, shared their stories of struggle and perseverance to get where they are today. The session was three hours long, but those hours truly flew. Nely moderated while each of the three women told their stories and provided amazing advice about personal and economic empowerment, success in their careers and personal lives, and even regrets and what they would have done differently.

Here are some of the quotes shared with us during the session:

*Get your own chips.
*In your deepest pain is the answer to what you’re supposed to do.
*There’s nothing wrong with just making money.
*Make fear and failure your best friends.
*We cannot give up. Fear is not a fact, just a feeling.
*To be chosen, you have to choose yourself first.
*You are your own prince charming. Nothing makes you feel better than to be self reliant.
*Maintaining your health and wellness is the ultimate self love.
*Listen to the women that came before us.
*We need to buy from each other. If we bought from each other, we’d all be rich.
*Don’t buy shoes, buy a building.

All of these reminds us that we are powerful and beautiful, but we have to believe in ourselves first or no one else will. We are our own greatest champion. We have the power to make things happen for ourselves, and to prosper spiritually and financially from our passion. Even if life has dealt you a crappy hand, you have to find yourself a better hand to play with. And win the game.

It was an honor not only to hear these amazing women speak, but to have the opportunity to meet them. I did not hesitate to thank them for being wonderful role models for the generations of Latinas that followed them.

Disclosure: Chuck E. Cheese sponsored me to attend Hispanicize 2013.

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