Hispanicize 2013 – Connecting, Learning, Growing

I’ve been nonstop during the last five days at Hispanicize 2013. I am so thankful that Chuck E. Cheese picked me as the blogger they would sponsor to attend Hispanicize.

It was so fun for so many reasons: I got to meet people I follow on Twitter and Facebook in person, and see old social media friends. We had the funnest events and parties I’ve ever been to, with delicious food and drinks. And I got to meet a bunch of celebrities (that’s always fun!). But the essence of this conference was to celebrate being a Latina/Hispanic blogger and expand my knowledge base when it comes to blogging and social media. I attended amazing sessions that have enriched my arsenal of tools to make this blog better.

While each session had a different theme, there were a few recurring key points. One of the most important things is to be genuine: in your writing, with you readers, and most importantly with yourself. You are your biggest fan. Believe in what you’re doing, know your worth, and don’t let the “no’s” get you down.

Equally important is to build relationships with your readers, followers, and friends on social media networks. Engage with them to build a lasting relationship. That goes for brands too. If a brand finds that you are only trying to monetize your blog and that they can’t relate to you, they won’t want to work with you on a long term basis.

It’s also very important to have goals and know what you want. Whether it be figuring out your niche, or that you are a blogger who wants to venture into establishing a media business, it’s crucial to have objectives so that you know how to move forward.

This is just the first of a few posts I plan on writing related to Hispanicize. There really were so many wonderful experiences over the five days that I’m still letting it sink in. There will be more coming up, with lots of pictures. But I think the takeaways above are a pretty good start.

Disclosure: Chuck E. Cheese sponsored me to attend Hispanicize 2013.

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