Time well spent

Now that I have some free time on my hands between…um…employment opportunities, I’ve been trying to be productive around the house. I’ve tackled a few things during the last couple of weeks, like putting away our Christmas decorations (please don’t judge) and steam-cleaning the living room carpet. I’ve kept the laundry completely done for the last two weeks. I also tackled my vanity drawer, which was a complete and utter mess. I tossed a bunch of half-used bottles of lotions and things, as well cleaned up my hair elastics (so many had lost their stretchiness and were completely useless!). I used two utensil drawer organizers to put everything in its own place. What do you think?

I’ll be tackling the junk drawers as well as our desk filing drawers pretty soon. I’m proud of using my time wisely to take care of these long-neglected tasks, these little accomplishments feel good!

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