The Tooth Fairy is working overtime at our house

In the span of a week, Matty lost two teeth. The first was on March 5th. He woke up that morning and realized that his wiggling tooth was no longer in his mouth. I was afraid he might have swallowed it and told him to check all around his bed and the floor. Fortunately he found it, and immediately put it in his tooth box right away for the tooth fairy to pick up that night. The next morning he added the dollar she left behind to his piggy bank.

This past Saturday, while we were at Magic Kingdom, he drove us bananas all day wiggling the second loose tooth. It really was so loose it was going to fall out any minute. He said that it hurt and that he wanted it out, but wouldn’t let us take it out. He was not only driving us crazy, but I’m sure the Pereiras too, who joined us for the early part of our day. But that tooth came out when it wanted, right before bedtime that night. We put it away to bring it home for the tooth fairy to pick up at home. Monday morning, Matty added another dollar to his piggy bank.

The boy and his new toothless grin.

I suspect we’re going to do this all over again in the very immediate future…guess who noticed he has another loose tooth last night?

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