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A week ago today, I ran my fourth Half Marathon, the ING Miami Half Marathon. My official chip time was 3:12:44, and while it’s below my person best of 3:08:08 (and last year’s goal of finishing under 3 hours), I won’t complain since I didn’t really train much for it. Side note: I really have to stop doing that.

Me and my little sis Maura, who finished at 2:56:56, because she’s awesome).

I had set up hubby’s phone with the race tracker, and it told him that I passed the 10K mark at 1:28:41, and my estimated finish time was 3:07:06, which would have been my personal best. I’ve decided that will be my goal for my next race.

It was a lovely day for a race, and that course doesn’t get old. Starting in front of the American Airlines area, it heads east on the McArthur Causeway, with the cruise ships lined up along the way (and if you’re lucky, an amazing sunrise in front of you). Then it turns south a bit until South Pointe, then turns left onto Ocean Drive with a turn onto 14th Street towards Washington Avenue. Seven blocks later, it turns onto Dade Blvd, goes through the lovely neighborhood surrounding part of the Bayshore Golf Course, then back to Dade Blvd onto the Venetian Causeway. Once back on the mainland, there’s a quick run through the Design district, a left onto N. Miami Avenue, and the last two miles through downtown. You see the split for the runners who will continue onto the Full Marathon (Do not turn right. I repeat: Do not turn right!). Turn left at the split, and just when you think you can’t run anymore, there’s a left turn onto Biscayne Blvd, and the finish line is up ahead, right in front of Bayfront Park.

This is the fourth ninth year (yikes, I was way off on that…) in a row that my friend Brandon (also known as Big Brandon to my boys), the Director for FIU’s Velocity percussion ensemble, and his students have been there to cheer us runners on and give us that last push right before the finish line with their mad musical skillz. This was the second year I saw him, and it makes me happy because as I run the course I know once I see Brandon and his kids, I’m almost there! Thanks B!!

Crazy running chick that I am, I already registered for next year’s race, and so have my sister and Claudia. Rachel, any way I can convince you to come down? The bling is pretty, and spins, and is shiny…

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  1. wRitErsbLock says:

    I registered for the Space Coast Half (dec 1st) so I’d (theoretically) be in shape for it.

    I don’t know. I’m still in my post-marathon “I HATE RUNNING” mode. The only reason I reg’d for Space Coast is their 5 year bling plan that I must have.

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