Ford’s Fiesta Movement

Last week, I was invited by the South Florida chapter of Latism to a social media mixer held during the second day of Social Media Week. LatismSFL partnered with Ford Motor Company to announce the launch of the Fiesta Movement.

Here I am with Blanca Stella Mejia, co-director of Latism South Florida.

(Photo Credit: LatismSFL)

The Fiesta Movement is is an amazing opportunity: Ford is looking for 100 Fiesta Agents to become “Celebs of the Social Space” and be the voice of the Ford Fiesta campaign. Agents will be provided a 2014 Ford Fiesta before it is available to the public. Then they get to drive the car for six months (gas and insurance paid for by Ford), and have tons of fun going on missions and sharing their experience with fans and followers. Ford will then choose some of the media submissions for print and television commercials.

Ford recognizes the importance and power of the social media community, and how the relationships formed in the digital space can be a beneficial marketing tool for their products. What a fun and unique campaign! Want to be a part of it? Join the movement.

Disclosure: Latism South Florida and Ford invited me to their event. All opinions above are my own.)

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  1. Natascha OS says:

    Amanda, great post! Thanks so much for being part of LATISM SFL and for joining us in our celebration with our partner Ford! It was definitely an honor that Ford launched their Fiesta Movement campaign during our event. So glad you could be with all of us!

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