Flashback Freestyle Fun

Friday morning as I was dropping off the boys at school, I hear my favorite local DJ, DJ Laz, come on air after his Friday morning mix and say, “Be caller number 10 right now for tickets to Saturday’s Legends of Freestyle show”. I figured, “Why not?”, and went ahead and dialed the station. I got a busy signal on the first attempt, so I tried one more time, and this time it rang. I looked at the boys and said, “I just might win, it’s actually ringing”. Someone came to the line and greeted me with the station’s name, and I said I was calling for the Freestyle concert tickets. She asked me my name, asked me what my favorite station was (and of course I said the station’s name…but not before taking half a second to think about what I was saying, since DJ Laz worked for decades for another station), and she asked me to hold. A song and a half later, I hear myself on the radio, and she comes back on the line to get my information. I couldn’t believe it, I’d never won anything on the radio before!

Claudia (my ever-willing partner in crime) and I went to the concert last night. We were about half an hour late, so I’m not sure who we missed. But we did see the following freestyle legends: Alisha, Giggles, Trinere, Cynthia, Noel, Judy Torres, Shannon, George Lamond, TKA, Lisa Lisa, and Information Society. We sang along and danced to pretty much every song. We did make a few observations:

-We were on the younger end of the age spectrum of concert attendees.
-Some of the singers sound just as they did 20-25 years ago (or pretty close to it). Others…not so much.
-That being said, I hope that when I’m in my late 40’s/early 50’s, I have the energy some of the acts had.
-What is it with the broad dance moves? Some looked like they were scouring the stage floor for lost keys or something!
-How is it you can’t remember what you did three days ago, but you remember every single lyric to 25-year-old songs??

I am so happy we had the opportunity to go. Claudia and I had been discussing for weeks whether we should buy tickets or not (having just spent some of our concert budget on NKOTB’s upcoming June show). Lucky us that I ended up winning them!

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