First post of the year

Another year has come and gone (wow, that was fast!), and so it’s time to reflect on last year’s goals:

Running – I definitely got several races under my belt last year. I ran two half marathons (ING 2012, Rock N Roll/Latin Half) a Ten-Miler (RunDisney’s Tower of Terror), three 10Ks (Carnaval Miami, ALS Recovery and Turkey Trot) and a bunch of 5Ks.
Coming up are the ING Half Marathon (1/27) and the Key Biscayne Half (4/13). I haven’t yet registered for any other races, but I’m sure there will be a few of them.

Scrapping – Did not happen. Unless you count the two photo books I created digitally on Shutterfly.

Family quality time – Done, though there could always be more of this.

New closet system – nope!

Cleaning backyard – Hubby got to this twice, maybe three times…yeah, wasn’t really successful with this one either.

Vacations – Happy to report that yes, this goal was accomplished. We had our road trip in March, our trip to Puerto Rico in August, and tons of trips to Universal and Islands of Adventure to maximize our park annual passes. It would be great if this new year brought with it new travel adventures. We probably will not renew our theme park passes, but we are already discussing the possibility of another trip North during Spring Break (if finances and hubby’s work schedule allow, of course).

For this year, along with last year’s items rolling over, I intend to further nurture my social media relationships. This means blogging more often, and a bigger presence on Facebook (easy) and Twitter (needs more work). This really just involves that right balance of spending time online but not neglecting life and those around me.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the new year?

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