Good things come to those who wait

I’m so excited to report that I finally own a Dyson! Hubby took our not-too-old vacuum to his store a few weeks ago, and somehow the hose ended up breaking. I was upset at first, but I realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally buy the fabulous machine I’d been coveting for years: the Dyson Animal!

I certainly wasn’t going to spend full price on it though, so I put the word out on Facebook to see who knew were I could get one for a discounted price. SarahK mentioned that she got hers on Woot (how had I not heard of Woot before?!), and that night I browsed their site with hubby and ordered our new vacuum. Less than a week later, it arrived. It is refurbished by the manufacturer, but it runs perfectly. I’ve filled up the canister twice already (Eww, was all that stuff really in my carpet??). I’m so happy with my new toy! How I lived without it all this time, I’ll never know.

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