I ran Disney!

I added this awesome bling to my collection this weekend!

I ran my first Disney race with Claudia and Rachel on Saturday night, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ten Miler. This was the inaugural race (a similar race, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K was last held in 2009), and as you can see the bling is awesome!

Considering I did not train for the race, running just 4 miles the weekend prior, I did fairly well. My official chip time was 2:37:42. Claudia, Rachel and I stayed together for the first five miles, at a 2min run/2min walk pace. I maintained that pace until mile 8.25, and walked the rest of the way. Had I trained my time would definitely have been better, but I’m proud of how well I did considering.

I have the cutest fans, no?!

Here we are, rather exhausted but so happy with our bling!

This race was a blast! I’m now officially hooked, and will be running Disney when our budget permits. I’m glad to report that the run benefited Autism Speaks, and between participant registration and donations, over $58,000 were raised!

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