Universal Studios’ new movie is Pitch Perfect

I had the opportunity to attend an early screening of Universal Studio’s new movie Pitch Perfect earlier this week, taking two of my girlfriends with me. Our take on it? It’s ACA-Awesome! We were laughing within the first five minutes thanks to hilarious banter by A Cappella competition commentators Gail and John, played by Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. (One of my favorites: Gail – “He makes a girl feel like a woman who loves a man that sounds like a boy”. Trust me, it’s a lot funnier in context).

Beca is a college freshman who’s love for music and DJ-ing gets her an internship at the campus radio station, as well as a spot on the Barden Bellas, the all-girl singing group on campus. The Bellas who’s members include Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson, compete with fellow Barden singers The Treble Makers, the boy a cappella group, and all sorts of hilarity ensues. There’s even a little of romance thrown in there.

I’m a huge fan of GLEE, and the movie reminds me of a college version of the hit show. There are tons of songs and mash-ups to sing along to, including a Riff Off featuring 80’s hits and Madonna. Oh, and there’s a subplot revolving around “The Breakfast Club”. Need I say more?

I definitely recommend having a girls’ night out to the movies with your besties and watching Pitch Perfect. It’s cute, clever and on key (see what I did there?). Pitch Perfect opens at select theaters today, and everywhere on October 5th.

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