How is summer over already?!

I’ve been wanting to take some time and write about our wonderful trip to Puerto Rico last week. However, since our return I’ve not only been catching up on work, but also making sure the boys have everything they need when school starts on Monday. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, but I’m eager to tell you all about our adventures so stay tuned for our vacation recap.

At this point, they are almost ready for 4th grade and Kindergarten: I need to pick up two things from Brandon’s supply list, and am waiting for the embroidery to be completed for Matty’s uniforms. With Matty now going to “big boy school”, I’m hoping we can stick to schedules and stay organized this school year. One of the things I’m hoping to improve are the boys’ lunch options. Brandon takes lunch to school most of the time, and Matty is such a picky eater I’m sure he won’t eat much if we rely on the cafeteria food. Check out this great list of 20 lunch box ideas from my friend Katie B. at Housewife How To’s. Both boys will enjoy just about all the items on the list, and they’ll have more options than the two things we usually pack for them: ham and cheese sandwiches or Chef Boyardee!

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